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Riley Construction offers full service concrete cutting, coring, grinding and polishing, for your project.  Local service means no travel charges or mileage.  We specialize in smaller projects that don't require the equipment or the cost of the big companies, but are beyond the equipment you have.  CALL US TODAY so we can help you cut and save !!


- Hydraulic Ring Saw:  Cut up to 10" of Concrete & Masonry

- Slab Sawing:  Gas Cutting up to 6", our walk behind is    equipped with an exhaust scrubber for quick interior work.

- Core Drilling:  Up to 10" diameter.

- Dust Collection Systems & Approved Silica Safety Reqmts.

- Scanning Capabilities.

- Demo, Removal and Haul off is available.

​- Concrete is already one of the most durable surfaces known to man.  By mechanically refining the surface through grinding, polishing and chemical treatments, we can bring the surface to a whole new level of beauty functionality and strength.  WIth different processes, a flooring solution can be tailored to fit any requirement:  Asthetics, Gloss and Price!!