Radiant Floor Heat Systems

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Schroeder Garage, Manhattan, KS

Concrete Foundations and Floors

Complete Construction Services Available

Georgia Pacific Dry Pallet Storage, Blue Rapids, KS

 Shop / House, Manhattan, KS

Custom Garage & Loft, Manhattan, KS

Biekmann Garage, Linn, KS

Eagle Bend Golf Course Cart Barn, Lawrence, KS

Garage & Loft, Maple Hill, KS

Wakarusa WWTP Vehicle Storage, Lawrence, KS 

post frame projects

Riley Const. Post Frame Advantages

* Local Builder Source - Service after the sale!

* Economical Space

* Custom Designed - Not Packages

* Concrete Foundations and Floors

* Insulation Options

* Turnkey Construction Services

* Storm Shelters & Radiant Floors